British Fluid Power Distributors Association (BFPDA)

Summary of the British Fluid Power Distributors Association objectives

The British Fluid Power Distributors Association (BFPDA) was formed in 1989 and is dedicated to improving the performance of distribution within the fluid power industry. The Association is affiliated to BFPA and has a common secretariat.

•To encourage the development and use of recognised quality assurance procedures within the industry.
•To support the manufacturers of fluid power products by distributing their products in a professional and ethical way.
•To provide a forum for members to consider issues and discuss problems common to the industry and promote liaison and debate amongst distributors and their manufacturers.
•To ensure members conform to a published code of professional conduct and to generate customer recognition of this code.
•To promote the advantages of education and training of personnel, now as well as for the future.
•To promote business, marketing and commercial information of general interest to members.
•To prepare appropriate guidelines for members involved in the design, assembly and installation of packaged systems.
•To liaise with government departments, professional associations and educational establishments and to establish the means for collective representation, as required.
•To assist, where appropriate, the settlement of disputes brought to the Association’s notice.

BFPDA Code of Conduct

Members of BFPDA recognise the need to promote high professional standards within the industry when dealing with customers, suppliers and competitors.

A condition of membership of BFPDA is that each company signs a strict undertaking to promote those high standards. The Code of Conduct ensures that customers are dealing with member companies which have committed themselves to quality and customer care.

The Code states…

In Relation to our Customers and Users:

To represent our products and services fairly and honestly, in advertising and promotional activity, so that no one may be deceived as to their nature, quality or fitness for purpose or confuse such products with the goods of another.

Not to make false representation or claim that our products or services have received a designated endorsement or approval or conforms to stated standards or specifications.

Not to publish or circulate any price list or sales terms which are not clear, correct and adequate or which might tend to confuse or deceive customers.

To educate the buyer of our products and to promote the use of fluid power products and systems without misrepresenting their advantages and disadvantages.

In Relation to our Suppliers:

To represent our suppliers faithfully and honestly and through fair dealings to promote our mutual business interests.

In Relation to our Competitors:

To engage in proper and ethical standards when soliciting business without publishing false or disparaging statements concerning a competitor or his products.

To compete with fairness and honesty, seeking business on merit and service and to seek by open and intelligent co-operation with our competitors to lawfully increase our efficiency and service to our customers.

Within our Company:

To thoroughly understand the nature and scope of our operations, products and conditions within our industry so as to ensure permanence and continuity.

To conduct our affairs at all times in a manner that is compatible with the public interest and the principles of BFPDA and BFPA.

Not to engage in any activities which could bring discredit to the BFPDA or the BFPA or the industry it represents.

To further the products and methods of fluid power techniques through continuing research, development and training.

To adhere to the Articles of BFPDA and to foster and promote the maintenance of fair competitive conditions within the fluid power industry.

To clearly specify which published technical and commercial standards are accepted by the company and to ensure adherence to those standards.

To ensure safe methods of working at the workplace and to promote and ensure safety in the application of fluid power in customers’ applications.

To ensure that best possible environmental practices are introduced with consideration given to continuous improvement in managing environmental issues.

BFPDA Council

•Stefan Gunter – Abdex Hose and Couplings Limited

•Graham Tighe – AB Hoses & Fittings Limited

•John Bray – A C Hydraulics Limited

•Adrian McGreevey – Beaumanor Engineering Limited

•Roy Childs – Bristol Hose Limited

•Robert Woodley – Derek Lane & Company Limited

•Gary McRobb – EnerMech Limited

•Nigel Ord – ERIKS UK

•Robert Dowdeswell – Fairway Hydraulics Limited

•Keith Dickinson – Flowtechnology UK

•Tim Harper – Grimsby Hydraulic Services Limited

•Stephen Davies – Hedley Hydraulics Limited

•Peter Willson (Vice Chairman) – Hopespare Limited

•Ben Coutts – Hydrasun Limited

•Nigel Thomason – Industrial Ancillaries Limited

•Ross McKimmie – PK Hydraulics Limited

•Paul Prouse (Chairman) – Rotec Hydraulics Limited

•Chris Blevins – S E Hydraulics Limited

BFPDA Accredited Hose Scheme


The “Approved Hose Assemblies Mark” scheme is open for participation members only. Certification is for a two year period.

The objective of the scheme is to emphasise to your new and existing customers that quality matters and that your company is dedicated to this goal.

The certification scheme is designed to assure the customer/end user that they have received hose assemblies from a supplier who has been inspected and awarded the Approved Hose Assemblies Mark by the British Fluid Power Distributors Association.

The award certifies that at the time of inspection by the BFPDA inspector the supplier demonstrated that they are producing hose assemblies generally to the requirements set out in the document BFPDA/D8 published by the BFPDA.

It should be noted that the certification is not a quality certificate or guarantee of the hose assembly; but certifies the procedures and practices of the hose assembly producer’s hose workshop. It indicates that the hose workshop has the equipment, the resources and skilled personnel and has undertaken to maintain a full quality assurance programme in its hose assembly production as approved by the BFPDA. The certification is for the hose workshop only and does not include mobile workshops/hose vans.

Hose assembly producers who have been inspected and approved may use the “Approved hose Assemblies” logo on their advertising, stationery and promotions.

For further details please visit the ‘Hydraulic Hose Safety Website’

Only companies that join the Association are able to join the Scheme. If you would like to join please contact Martin Kingsbury, Membership Director.