BFPA Level 1 Hydraulics Qualification

The BFPA are developing a three-tier programme of competence based qualifications that will combine the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure a level of assessed competency when maintaining and managing either hydraulic or electro-pneumatic systems.

The Level 1 qualifications have been designed as a progression route from those training courses that have met the BFPA’s Minimum Educational recommendations (MERs). Their aim is to cement the knowledge acquired through the MER courses and demonstrate that candidates can apply that understanding to a series of practical competence based assessments.

Following on from classroom theory sessions candidates will be expected to take part in a written examination covering topics such as the basic layout and function of a typical hydraulic circuit, hydraulic pumps, fluid oil reservoirs, pressure flow and direction control, hydraulic actuators and contamination control.

Practical Assessments cover:

  • Recognising component parts of a selected machine and their function
  • Checking accumulator pre-charge pressure and establishing the required level
  • Carrying out hose maintenance on a hydraulic circuit

Following established procedures for replacing a hydraulic valve seal kit or a filter element and associated seal kit.