Hydraulic and Mechanical Fault Analyst

BFPA 258

16 Nov 2017

Personal Profile

I have been extensively involved in the southern African hydraulic industry and have successfully directed my own hydraulic engineering company in a challenging market. We have undertaken work in the following industries: –

  • Sugar Mills with loading machinery
  • Forestry & Sawmills with loading equipment
  • Trucking Auxiliary hydraulic equipment
  • Paper Mill Applications with loading machinery
  • Civil Engineering: Design & manufacture of hydraulic Slip-Forming Equipment for silo’s, chimneys, etc.
  • Construction Plant & Equipment
  • Mining: Haul trucks, shovels, crushers & plant applications, as well as a large range of earthmoving machinery


South Africa imports most of the hydraulic components required for industry and I have repaired, supplied and installed all major international makes and their equipment.

We have achieved a high standard of competence and quality and have effectively solved hydraulic & mechanical problems through:

  • Fault-finding
  • Design & Manufacture
  • Specialised Applications


Mining Shovel Dipper Door Control

S.A. Patent: 2006/07056

I have designed and manufactured a weight-activated buffer for controlled opening and closing of dipper doors to minimize the banging that causes cracking, impulses wear and noise.

Successfully implemented and tested, the buffers have resulted in substantial savings in production costs, downtime and repairs.



It is my intention to move to the UK permanently with my family in the near future, so would be interested in suitable managerial positions in the UK.


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