BFPA launches new How To…? Guides

19 Jul 2019

BFPA has started to produce a series of fluid power related How To…? Guides, which are intended to be useful, quick reference documents for the industry, and are available free of charge to members and non members alike.

The 9 How to…? Guides available so far are:

How to… Application of Thread Sealant (tapes, pastes and adhesives)
How to… Correctly measure and specify an O-ring
How to… Correctly specify a (Bourdon) Pressure Gauge
How to… Identify the correct Hydraulic (rubber and or thermoplastic) hose for an application
How to… Soft Sealing methods for Parallel Threaded Male Stud Ends and Port Adaptors
How to… The differences between and how to specify Tube and Pipe
How to… The differences between NPT/NPTF and BSPT males tapered threads
How to… Thread Identification in 8 simple steps
How to… Why so many Oil types and Grades

The above guides are available as PDF files, free of charge to members and can be downloaded from the Members Only pages of the BFPA website.

Non-members are also very welcome to download the guides after completing the contact form on the following page click here