BFPA 2018 Past Presidents annual lunch

22 Jan 2019

One of the more appealing benefits of becoming a President of either the BFPA or the Chairman of the BFPDA Council, or an Honorary Fellow is the opportunity to attend the annual Past Presidents Lunch.

Always held at a very pleasant location, this years’ event took place in December 2019 at the Chequers Restaurant in the village of Churchill just outside Chipping Norton in the heart of the Cotswolds.

Attended by twelve of our previous post holders the event provided an excellent opportunity to catch-up with old friends and most significantly, to be ‘brought up to speed’ on recent developments in the BFPA and BFPDA.


BFPA CEO, Chris Buxton undertook a short presentation after lunch in which he highlighted both the successes and the challenges currently facing our industry. As one might expect, despite our best efforts to avoid too great a focus upon Brexit it was a popular topic with all of our guests and interestingly – revealed that we had a mix of ‘leavers and remainers’ amongst our Past-Presidents! Given the sparky nature of the conversation it is clear that our guests still have a passion for the industry and any issues that might impact upon the business of our members.

Chris Buxton, BFPA CEO