BFPA publishes new pneumatic minimum educational recommendations for the fluid power industry

28 Feb 2018

BFPA announces the launch of the second in a set of three brand new recommended minimum educational standards for anyone wishing to undertake practical work in pneumatics.

After much discussion and consultation with pneumatic industry players, training providers, end users and accreditation bodies, BFPA’s Education and Training Task Force and the BFPA is pleased to announce the release of the second of three “minimum recommendations for the fluid power industry” documents (which will cover hydraulics, pneumatics and electronic systems control); the Minimum Educational Recommendations – Pneumatics.

The document provides a platform from which a variety of training courses may be developed by recognised providers around the UK. It is expected that these recommendations may represent the basis for developing a passport scheme for engineers in the sector and perhaps ultimately the foundations for a regulatory framework.

Work is underway to develop a similar set of recommendations for electrical / electronics applied to fluid power systems.

As the trade association for fluid power, BFPA considers this work not only as an aspiration to increase educational and safety standards in the fluid power sector but as a duty to its members and the wider industry.

For more information on the BFPA’s new hydraulic or pneumatic minimum educational recommendations, please all BFPA on 10608 647900 or Email

To download a free copy of the new pneumatic minimum educational recommendations, please visit our publications pages click here