Camozzi’s new C-Electric division

22 Jun 2017

Camozzi has long been at the forefront of pneumatic innovation and encourages a culture of continuous development throughout the organisation. This forward-thinking approach and recognition of advancing industrial automation requirements has been the driver behind the formation of Camozzi’s new C-Electrics division which was launched in November 2016.

Dedicated to the development of electric actuation, C-Electrics provides solutions that include electromechanical cylinders and axes with auxiliary motors and accessory components, combined in configurable systems.

By acknowledging that each and every application has its own unique requirements, Camozzi is in the position of being able to recommend the most suitable technological solution – be it pneumatic, proportional, vacuum or electric – and having the products and expertise to deliver, all within one company.

The ability to offer multiple technologies; combined or in isolation, gives Camozzi a major competitive advantage and removes the need for customers to consult more than one supplier. This not only brings continuity and ensures the seamless progress of a project from start to finish, it also helps to control and keep a rein on budgets.

This versatility also means that Camozzi can approach an application without bias, and work out which of the technologies is the best performing and most cost effective solution to meet the customer’s particular needs.
Generally speaking, pneumatic actuation is best suited for simple handling of medium heavy loads where accurate motion profiles are not a requirement, electro-mechanical actuation by contrast, allows precise control, velocity and acceleration of the axis, but with higher setup costs which usually takes longer to recoup.

Camozzi’s Technical Sales Manager Shaun Gerber commented: “Customers will sometimes approach us with a pre-conceived notion of what technology will best meet their requirements, but when we sit down and go through the fine detail of exactly what it is that they need their system to achieve, it often becomes apparent that an electric solution might provide a better fit. Our most fruitful relationship with C-Electrics customers commence in the very early stages of planning and continue through each point of the decision making process, well in advance of installation and maintenance.”

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