Delta Motion Ltd joins BFPA

13 Nov 2019

We are pleased to announce that Delta Motion Limited has joined the BFPA.

In 1982, Delta Computer Systems, Inc. was incorporated to provide high-performance electronics controls for industrial applications. Knowing that industrial customers need stable suppliers for critical technology purchases, Delta’s key goals included serving diversified markets and in the early years, Delta successfully completed a variety of projects including electron beam guidance systems for melting titanium and controls for machines that detect and remove defects from French fries. Delta’s engineers cleverly designed the bus-based motion controllers to plug directly into PLCs and to talk directly to PLC registers, greatly simplifying the integration of these products. In addition, these “Delta cards” connected directly to most industrial transducers, including specialised transducers for fluid power applications.

Delta Motion Limited has recently set up in the UK and hopes to be able to establish relationships with others in the fluid power industry as well aiming to contribute to furthering education in the fluid power throughout the UK. The company’s new UK base in is Edinburgh.

For more information please contact:

Tel: 0131 4477924

Email: Tim Gessner