Hull-based safety expert Arco relocates Industrial Hose Division to a new £2m purpose-built facility

09 Oct 2020

UK Safety Expert and BFPDA member Arco has recently moved its Industrial Hose Division to a new larger facility of 17,500m3, next door to Arco’s National Distribution Centre (NDC), on the outskirts of Hull. As one of the UK’s biggest industrial hose distributors, the new facility contains a dedicated and comprehensive range of industrial hose solutions suitable for all types of industries and applications.

As part of Arco’s investment programme, the new £2m purpose-built facility provides increased storage capacity as well as improved efficiencies for working and more accessible machinery, allowing for quicker turn-around of customer orders, with the majority of stock lines orders processed in less than 24 hours.

The new facility also contains a dedicated workroom area, featuring an upstairs mezzanine for small hose assembly with bench top working and a new flexible working space downstairs to enable projects of different sizes and capacities to be accommodated. Significant investment in equipment has allowed the team to add a custom-made test container for pressure testing larger assemblies, alongside two smaller fully contained cabinets, creating a safer working environment for operatives whilst ensuring that all hoses are safe to use for their intended application. The facility also houses an office on-site for its specialist customer service team who offer customers expert guidance on choosing the right hose products, as well as advice on hose safety and relevant legislation.

Hoses are used in a wide variety of companies in many sectors, from workshops and light manufacturing businesses, to large utilities, heavy manufacturing and offshore drilling operations. The right hose products are essential for efficient operations, as well as for worker safety, so it is important to get the right products, at the right specifications, tested and fit for each application.

Providing customers with reliable equipment, Arco Industrial Hose Division offers customers access to over 3,000 product lines and over 600,000 meters of hose. Working each year with more than 4,000 trading accounts, the team has over 200 years of industry knowledge enabling them to deliver expert advice on an array of hose products and applications.

Daniel Frith, Product & Procurement Manager – Industrial Hose, said: “The move to this new facility will provide greater storage capacity for our products and a working environment that’s more flexible for the team, meaning that we can sustain and even improve upon our current customer service levels, as well as enable our future growth ambitions.”

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