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Abbey Seals International Ltd joins the BFPDA

We are pleased to welcome Abbey Seals International Ltd as a member of the BFPDA, with branches in Cork and Dublin. Abbey Seals was established in 1983, an Irish owned, second-generation family run company with offices in Dublin and Cork.

25 Jan 2017

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Plant Hoses Ltd joins the BFPDA

We are delighted to welcome Plant Hoses Ltd as a new member of the BFPDA. The company is based in Newtownabbey in Northern Ireland, and offers an independent hydraulic hose repair and replacement service throughout Northern Ireland with its service

25 Jan 2017

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Antech Hydraulics Ltd joins the BFPA

We are delighted to welcome Antech Hydraulics Ltd as a member of the BFPDA. Established in 1995 and based in Lancashire, Antech Hydraulics offers a range of leading hydraulic products for use in many industries. Antech’s services include Power Unit

26 Nov 2016

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Sparex Ltd joins the BFPDA

We are pleased to announce that Sparex Limited has joined the BFPDA. The company was founded in 1965 and is a manufacturer and wholesaler of agricultural spare parts and accessories, based in Exeter. The Sparex Group has its head office

24 Nov 2016

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Ram Reman Ltd joins the BFPA

Ram Reman Limited have joined the BFPA. The company, which is based in Dorset, designs, manufactures and repairs hydraulic cylinders for many applications and end use markets including marine, offshore, construction, disability applications and the very exciting theatre world. The

23 Nov 2016

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BFPA Annual Past Presidents’ Lunch 2016

BFPA’s annual lunch for BFPA Past Presidents, BFPDA Past Chairmen and BFPA Fellows was held on 16th November 2016 at the Mason’s Arms near Chipping Norton. This year saw a very good turnout from many old supporters and friends of

21 Nov 2016

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Exitflex (UK) Ltd joins BFPA as a full member

Exitflex (UK) Limited, based in Christchurch, Dorset is part of the Exitflex Group of Companies owned by hose manufacturer Polyhose and operates wholesale sales and distribution of Polyhose & Exitflex Group products which include hydraulic, PTFE, thermoplastic, composite and industrial

19 Oct 2016

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