Revamped fluid injection injury booklet published

31 Oct 2019

Following feedback from users, BFPA has revamped its popular Fluid Injection Injury Emergency THE FACTS booklet to make it easier to use and is now laid out in three easy to use sections:

Section 1 (colour coded in red): ACCIDENT MANAGEMENT
This section aims to offer advice on immediate action following a fluid injection injury which is aimed at the First Responder and any subsequent medical professional who subsequently treat the patient once taken to hospital or a medical centre.

Section 2 (colour coded in yellow): RISK MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES
This section examines the factors that influence the background, symptoms, treatment and likelihood of fluid injection injuries – specifically identifying people most at risk and how such an injury should be treated.

Section 3 (colour coded in green): FURTHER READING
This section lists suggested sources of further information on the subject and website references.

Over the years, BFPA has sold over 10,000 copies of this booklet including branded front cover versions. Copies of the new booklet can be purchased from the BFPA website under publications – Members price is £ 3.30 each and Non-Members £ 6.60 each. Discounts available on bulk orders.

Contact Karen on or visit the website to place your order