Sales-i joins BFPA as Associate member

26 Jan 2021

We are very pleased to welcome sales-i as an Associate member of BFPA in 2021.

sales-i is a unique sales intelligence system designed to deliver complete visibility of customer and product sales performance.

Syncing with your existing back office system, sales-i highlights specific areas of concern and opportunity otherwise missed and difficult to uncover. By telling sales-i what to look for, proactive alert notifications can be sent to the right people in your business as things are happening.

sales-i is subscription-based and available on any internet enabled device, giving your team instant access to the data they need to become more productive and more profitable.

A true see it get it product, businesses that have taken a short amount of time to review the merits of sales-i have harnessed incredible results.

Visit the sales-i website to find out more or book a demo:

Or call sales-i on:           0345 508 7355