Shell Lubricants research finds UK power companies are incurring avoidable costs and shutdowns

21 Feb 2019

A report by BFPA member Shell Lubricants has found that UK power companies are incurring avoidable costs and shutdowns due to ineffective equipment maintenance and lubrication practices. 78% of companies report incurring costs because of issues with equipment reliability. However, with maintenance teams under-resourced, they are not set up for success, reveals Shell Lubricants.

In an industry where cost-efficient, reliable operations are critical, companies in the UK are well aware of the importance of equipment maintenance. However, they are not necessarily succeeding in its implementation; 86% of those surveyed believe that effective equipment maintenance can lead to cost savings, but 40% still feel that maintenance is often deprioritised until there is a breakdown. An absence of senior management engagement in the importance of maintenance has come to light as one barrier to effective preventative action.

A summary of Shell’s main UK findings are presented in an infographic Shell Lubricants Research Results

Readers can find solutions on for preventative maintenance on Shell’s website