BEIS consultation on Energy-Related products

26 Mar 2021

BFPA liaises and responds to government and others on issues which affect fluid power products often through BFPA’s technical committees. BFPA has been keeping abreast with the implications of the UK PM’s Green Industrial Revolution plan and how it might affect industrial goods.

Yvonne Pearman, BFPA’ Technical Standards Manager shares the following email from BEIS dated 10.3.21 on the matter, and would recommend your company considers making comments if appropriate. Please email to share with her any comments you have on this initiative so that BFPA can collate any industry comments.

Policy Updates: Energy-Related Products

Dear stakeholder,

The BEIS Energy-related Products team would like to highlight the following policy updates on energy-related products:

1. Summary of responses to the Energy-related Products Call for Evidence.

BEIS has just published the summary of responses to the Call for Evidence:

Thank you for feeding into the Call for Evidence we ran last year. Alongside the Energy-Related Products Study, your responses have contributed to building the UK evidence base for energy-related products and will help to inform future policies which can contribute to greater carbon, energy, resource, and bills savings.

If you haven’t done already you can still register and participate in the study here:

As outlined in the Prime Minister’s 10 Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution, we will publish a new Energy-related Products (ErP) policy framework later this year where more detail will be set out on future policy and ambition.

2. Government Response to the Consultation on Industrial Goods, White Goods and Electronic Displays.

We have now published the Government Response to our consultation on Industrial Goods, White Goods and Electronic Displays. The Government will make Regulations later in 2021 to implement the following:

  • Update ecodesign requirements for electric motors, household washing machines/washer-dryers, household dishwashers, household refrigeration and electronic displays;
  • Introduce ecodesign requirements for welding equipment and commercial refrigeration;
  • Introduce energy labelling requirements for commercial refrigeration; and
  • Adopt the EU Omnibus amendment changes.

For further details please find the link to this Government Response here: . We are also considering when these regulations should come into force and will reach out to stakeholders separately on this matter.

3. Upcoming Consultation on amendments to retained EU law.

As referenced in the Government Response to the Consultation on Industrial Goods, White Goods and Electronic Displays, BEIS plans to make amendments to retained EU law to reflect amendments made by the EU’s Omnibus regulations.

In April, we will consult stakeholders on a draft Statutory Instrument covering the amendments to the ecodesign regulation for servers and data storage products; and the energy labelling regulations for electronic displays, household washing machines and washer-dryers, household refrigeration and household dishwashers. We will be approaching contacts from our stakeholder list shortly with further details.

Kind regards,

ErP team