Beware of scam emails

28 Apr 2021

Only on Tuesday, BFPA was the target of a scam email campaign in which many members reported receiving the following email – sometimes from a different sender – with the BFPA logo “cut and pasted” below the sender’s name:

You should have received an email from Chris Buxton on 27.4.21 making you aware of the above email scam but we thought it was worth a reminder warning about same emails in our newsletter.

BFPA’s IT support team recommend the following IT Governance website as a useful one containing tips on how to spot a scam “phishing” email:

In our example above, IT Governance’s Tip #3 The email is written poorly (and includes some grammatical errors) could be a giveaway…”Send Counts and Cost”? etc. but all too often we are in a hurry and don’t have the time to look too closely when they seem authentic (especially with a recognisable logo under the signature).