The Value of BFPA Training

24 Jun 2020

The importance of a company providing effective training for its employees cannot be questioned and the BFPA wholeheartedly supports and encourages their members in this aim.

The value of training from a commercial and safety point of view should not be underestimated. When employees are properly trained the quality of the work produced increases, and with it, the reputation of the company. This in turn develops a loyal customer base leading to recommendations and the subsequent increase in sales.

When a greater respect for health and safety are thrown into the equation the value of training rises even further. The awareness of safe, correct working practices leads to a reduction in the likelihood of accidents which follows through with less sick pay awarded and less down time in production.

To support this ethos of continuing personal development the BFPA have already developed a successful series of industry recognised one and two day training courses delivered onsite at a company’s facility or through our monthly Open Course Training Programme at one of our approved training venues. In response to Covid 19 we have remodelled some of these traditional face to face courses to be delivered through online interactive sessions which means there are now wider opportunities for members to access BFPA training. Going forward we do not envisage that the online training will replace our face to face learning, but rather they will run parallel, allowing flexibility for employers and employees to choose their own training route to fit in with their working schedules and preferred way of learning.

For example, the new Working Safely with Hose and Connectors online course offers a great introduction to the fundamental concepts of safe working practices and raises the delegates’ awareness of the dangers of fluid/pressure injection injuries. This short 3 hour interactive course is suitable for all employees who work within the fluid power industry and will help them to have a more informed approach to their work, be it in administration, sales or in the workshop.

Module 1. Thread Awareness and Module 2. Hose Assembly Skills Training – Theoretical are both excellent interactive 3 hour online courses which can be used as standalone certificates to understand the theory behind hose assembly skills and the importance of being able to identify a range of fittings and adaptors. Those wishing to build on this classroom knowledge can then continue their training with the Module 3. Hose Assembly Skills Training – Practical Day to gain the full BFPA Hose Assembly Skills Training certificate.

For more information on any of our training options please visit the BFPA Training Academy website or contact Martin Kingsbury or Karen Gordon-Brander