BFPA to look at the feasibility of forming a new Fluid Power Health & Safety Committee

26 Feb 2019

Following BFPDA Council meetings in 2018, a decision was made to establish a new Health & Safety Committee for the fluid power industry. Council members believe that such a Committee could allow companies to share good practice and other ideas including: monitoring near misses, risk assessment templates, health and safety guidance, training etc.

Such a committee could also liaise with official H&S bodies (such as HSE, SHEP) if appropriate.

It was felt that membership of the new committee should be open to all BFPA and BFPDA members. Main contacts at all our member companies should have received an Email from Chris Buxton on 11 February asking for expressions of interest.

If you would like to learn more or get involved, please call the BFPA on 01608 647900 or email Chris Buxton