Introducing Billmonitor – BFPA’s latest Strategic Alliance Partner

12 Dec 2019

It’s not easy finding good suppliers to help you grow and develop your business, which is why we have created our Strategic Alliance Partners (SAPs) programme. The SAPs have been identified as trusted partners of the BFPA, able to offer our members a range of useful outsourced services, reliably and to a high standard.

Our latest SAP is Billmonitor.

Founded by mathematicians in Oxford, Billmonitor became the first ever Ofcom-accredited mobile tariff price comparison website in 2009 and is now celebrating its 10th year of continuous accreditation.

Billmonitor uses its proprietary software to analyse a client’s actual usage and benchmarks it against more than a million tariff and bundle combinations, identifying average savings of 49% or £390 per connection over a standard 24-month contract duration, often without the need to switch network providers.

Billmonitor’s key principles

Billmonitor aims to facilitate better decision making for its customers, applying the following key principles:

  • True independence of all network operators and mobile phone agents
  • Use of seriously smart tech and advanced analytics to determine the most beneficial tariff and bundle combination for its clients – no guestimates here
  • Recommendations designed to maximise savings gleaned from software that doesn’t take account of commissions in the calculations
  • Only earn money when clients save money – Billmonitor’s remuneration strategy is 100% success-driven as we charge a share of savings as our fees

How it works for businesses

  • Business Renewal – Hands-on renewal advice and support, managing the process from tendering to implementation, focused on cost reduction.
  • Business Monitoring – Monthly monitoring and reporting services for a fixed fee per connection.

The service is designed to reduce the client’s resource requirements as Billmonitor provides the software and manpower to manage the process in three simple steps:

1 You provide access to your mobile phone provider(s) online billing platform and a copy of the last contract renewal.
2 We crunch your historical bills and provide you with a free, no obligation summary of your savings potential, together with a proposal of our services and fees.
3 Decision time: If you appoint Billmonitor as your advisor, we work with you to secure the best deal with the networks, whether you are in or out of contract.

Billmonitor contact details

For more information on how Billmonitor can support you in saving money on your monthly mobile bills, you can contact them via the details below.

T: +44 (0) 7968 723 235