Latest BSI Guidance on Safe Working and Covid-19

28 Sep 2020

Companies can access some useful guidance on home working from the BSI website including the FREE download BSI Flex 45005: 3.0 2020 08 Safe working during the COVID-19 pandemic – General guidelines for organizations, August 2020 Version 3

BSI’s Safe Working Guidelines provide guidance to business owners, managers, workers and other users, as they deal with the complexities of this changing situation and adapt their own ways of working. The information and recommendations are applicable to any organization, regardless of the nature of their activities or geographical location.

Key changes in Version 3 include an Executive Summary and guidance on:

  • planning for changes to restrictions at local, regional and national levels
  • testing, contact tracing and quarantine, and two new annexes on:
  • protective security considerations, and
  • accessibility and inclusion considerations.

These guidelines are currently under consideration for development as an international document through ISO.