Brexit – new report gives useful guidance for businesses

01 Mar 2017


New joint report from the CBI and Clifford Chance provides a much needed road map for British businesses.

The recent BREXIT vote has certainly raised many complex issues which the UK government will need to address as we move towards signing Article 50, and any well-informed advice from an independent and intellectually strong body is to be welcomed by all business stakeholders – particularly those which will help SMEs.

It is therefore good to welcome the publication of a recent document, which is the result of a collaboration between two very well respected institutions, the CBI and Clifford Chance LLP. The CBI is widely accepted as being the official voice of UK industry whilst Clifford Chance LLP is a large well-respected international law firm.

There is no doubt that this report, entitled, “The future of trade for the UK” and a strap-line of ‘A guide for Businesses’ is a much needed road map for British businesses from all sectors which offers practical advice to companies, and how they can start to prepare for BREXIT.

Written in an easy to understand way, the document seeks to explain the jargon and options open to the UK whilst exploring the implications of each of the various possible post-BREXIT scenarios. Most notably, it also provides practical and useful advice to UK companies, even outlining what companies should be thinking about now, in order to prepare themselves for whatever the future holds outside the EU.

These considerations are listed in a set of practical questions that every business should consider. Specifically:-

The full report can be downloaded from the CBI website by following this link:

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Chris Buxton