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27 Sep 2019


Abdex Hose and Couplings Ltd celebrates 45th anniversary year

Our congratulations go to BFPDA member Abdex Hose and Couplings Ltd who are celebrating their 45th anniversary in 2019. The company also re-located to larger premises on 1 March. The new site, in Clarke Road, Bletchley in the heart of Milton Keynes, comprises a 10,000 sq ft unit – a sizeable increase compared with the company’s previous 3000 sq ft facilities, and moving into new larger facilities has enabled the company to host BFPA’s open training courses.

The company has been a valued and active distributor member over the years, with Sales Director Stefan Gunter sitting on the BFPDA Council. A few weeks ago Stefan accepted a commemorative plaque from Martin Kingsbury of the BFPA, to acknowledge and congratulate the company on reaching its 45th anniversary year.


BHR Group announces 25th Fluid Sealing conference in Manchester

BFPA Associate member BHR Group will be holding their 25th International Conference on Fluid Sealing on 4-5 March 2020 Manchester.

Visit their website for more details click here


Camozzi Automation NewsCamozzi’s Group Operations Manager, Rob Brailsford, has reached an impressive 30 years’ service milestone.


Rob Brailsford joined Camozzi in the late 80’s straight from school on a YTS (Youth Training Scheme) and has never looked back, holding a number of significant roles over the last three decades. Starting out in the sales office as one of what was then only 20 staff, Rob became Assistant Office Manager before taking over as Office Manager. His current position as Group Operations Manager saw him oversee the company’s migration from a bespoke ERP system to Sage 200, which now forms the linchpin of Camozzi’s sales and order processing operations; ensuring customers get what they want, when the want it.

Outside of work Rob is a diehard Coventry City fan, having been a season ticket holder for over 25 years! Camozzi has an impressive track record when it comes to staff retention, with over 10 staff having achieved in excess of 25 years’ service.

Comments managing director Adrian Farnham: “Rob is the latest in a long line of staff to have reached major service milestones with our company. “There is a great team spirit here and our employees frequently tell us what a great place this is to work, the number of people with long service records bearing testament to this.”

Award winner boosts Camozzi’s technical team strength

Bradley Nightingale beat several thousand other trainees to be named ‘Outstanding Apprentice 2015’ whilst studying Mechanical Engineering at West Notts College and has gone on to gain a merit/distinction for HNC, before embarking on his current Level 5 HND study programme.

In his new role as Technical Engineer, Bradley is looking forward to using his electrical actuation experience to advise and help customers. Comments Camozzi Automation, Managing Director Adrian Farnham; “It is great to be able to welcome young talent like Bradley who offers enthusiasm and new ideas, to a well-established team boasting many years of experience.”

Thanks to the strength, skill and experience of its technical team, Camozzi Automation has been able to produce specialist solutions for a diverse array of end users that integrate pneumatic, electrical and proportional technologies.


Festo BionicOpter is a Robot Record Breaker

A bionic dragonfly from BFPA member Festo has been recognised as a record breaker in the latest edition of the Guinness World Records, published by Ravensberger on 5 September 2019.

The chapter “Robots” presents the most amazing records from the world of super robots and artificial intelligence. The BionicOpter, an ultra-light flying object based on the dragonfly, is now named as the world record winner for biggest flying robotic insect.

“It is fascinating what we can learn from nature. Curiosity and joy in innovation drive us to keep trying new things. We are very pleased to be included in Guinness World Records – it’s a great validation”, says Karoline von Häfen, Head of Corporate Bionic Projects.

Inspired by dragonfly flight

After bird flight had been deciphered with the SmartBird in 2011, the developers in Festo’s Bionic Learning Network took on their next big challenge: modelling the dragonfly at a technical level. The BionicOpter – an ultralight flying object – is the result.

Just like its model in nature, the BionicOpter can fly in all directions and execute the most complicated flight manoeuvres. The BionicOpter’s ability to move each of its wings independently enables it to slow down and turn abruptly, to accelerate swiftly and even to fly backwards. This means that for the first time there is a model that can master all the flight conditions of a helicopter, plane and even a glider. Despite its complexity, the highly integrated system can be operated easily and intuitively via a smartphone.

The principles of ultra-lightweight construction are applied throughout the BionicOpter. With a wingspan of 63 cm and a body length of 44 cm, the model dragonfly weighs just 175 grams. The wings consist of a carbon-fibre frame and a thin foil covering. The intelligent kinematics correct any vibrations during flight and ensure flight stability. In order to stabilise the flying object, data on the position and the twisting of the wings is continuously recorded and evaluated in real time during the flight of the dragonfly.


Flowtech Fluidpower Group announcement

Indequip, part of the Fluidpower Group, one of the leading catalogue distributors within the UK, has appointed Stuart Simpson as its new managing director. He succeeds Ian Simpson into this role, who has taken on his new position as divisional director for Flowtech Fluidpower plc.

Stuart Simpson will take full responsibility, leading the Indequip team in providing total customer care and services to the fluid power industry. A sales­orientated company, he aims to grow existing business, securing new customers along the way. Stuart Simpson commented: “This is an exciting and challenging new chapter of my Indequip career, building on the existing structure and values already installed from the legacy left by Ian. My mission is to expand on the ever-present service and commitment levels, delivering complete satisfaction to all our customers.”

40 Years of Rotec

Established in 1979 in the South West, BFPA member Rotec Hydraulics Ltd have been a source of expertise and support for local industry, manufacturers and producers. The company has grown substantially, from the humble beginnings selling hydraulic hose and connectors out of an old butcher’s shop, to a leading specialist provider of pneumatic and electronic components and systems, serving a wide variety of organisations operating across the public and private sectors across the UK.

Rotec’s history has been characterised by steady growth, expansion, and a series of accreditations, including ISO9001, to specialised industry certifications. The company operates from four locations across the South West: Taunton (HQ), Stroud, Plymouth and Rotec’s sister company in Wimborne – Ram Reman, specialising in hydraulic cylinders.

Managing Director Paul Prouse is a key member of the BFPDA Council, and is a previous Council Chairman (from 2015-2017). Paul was recently presented with a glass plaque to mark the occasion of the company’s 40th anniversary from Nigel Thomason, the current BFPDA Chairman while attending a BFPDA Council meeting at BFPA in Chipping Norton.


Webtec’ new app calculates hydraulic oil viscosity at different operating pressures

BFPA member Webtec has launched a new on-line hydraulic oil viscosity calculator app which calculates the viscosity of hydraulic oil at different pressures

Hydraulic fluid suppliers provide oils with different viscosities. These oils are most-often badged in terms of their ISO number or grade, where common grades for hydraulic circuits include ISO 32, 46 and 68. Using Webtec’s app, engineers simply select the oil being used, along with the system temperature (°C) and pressure (bar), hit the ‘submit’ button and up pops the viscosity (cSt). To see the effects on viscosity of fluctuations in temperature or pressure, the user simply alters the values in these fields accordingly, making hydraulic measurement and control easy to achieve.

This free-of-charge Webtec app is the companies’ ‘light’ version. More detailed results, including graphs (some in 3D), can be accessed by logging in (existing users) or registering (new users). Registration takes just seconds and only requires name, company and email address. Importantly, the graphs can be saved for use in the users own reports.

The new web app for hydraulic oil viscosity calculation can be found at



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