New BFPA Promotional Video

19 Jun 2019

BFPA CEO Chris Buxton announces the release of a new Promotional video on BFPA Membership.

Who has time to read lengthy promotional material and e-mail shots these days?! Well… as the CEO of the BFPA and someone who regularly communicates with members by e-mail I hope the answer is ‘most people!’ But joking aside, in reality, I know as well as anyone, that in a busy working day with an Outlook Inbox of eighty unread e-mails, there is every chance that a communication from the BFPA might be missed and I am always pleased when I receive an acknowledgment or a response. When I do, I answer everyone personally!

However, accepting all of this – there is no doubt that it is easier to watch a brief video clip than to read a lengthy and potentially fairly ‘dry’ document. That is why BFPA and its Marketing and Communications Committee under the excellent Chairmanship of Paul Newnham are seeking to make greater use of this ever-popular medium.

To start the process, Members are encouraged to click on the following link to see an unscripted, unrehearsed video of a selection of BFPA members expounding on the benefits of BFPA membership. It was filmed at the recent 2019 AGM.

We hope that you like it. It will ultimately be placed on the front page of the BFPA website and used as a general aid in promoting your Association.

Enjoy… We welcome any feedback!

Password: bfpa

(The password is case sensitive.)