Sarah Gardner celebrates her ‘Silver Jubilee!’

28 Sep 2020

In a world where it has become almost accepted practice to move between companies as ambitious employees seek to forge their careers it is sometimes easy to forget how loyalty and commitment amongst staff not only brings a vast wealth of experience to a role but also a level of stability and consistency that can form the bed-rock upon which good business relationships are forged. As the saying goes, ‘People buy from people’, and this is not confined to the exchange of products and services – it is the trust that is born of familiarity and relationships formed over many years of interaction. That is one reason why it gives me great pleasure to recognise the fact that this year is Sarah Gardner’s Silver Jubilee year! Sarah will have been with BFPA for 25 years! When I asked Sarah for her reflections on the past 25 years she commented;

“I can’t quite believe it has been 25 years since I started work at the BFPA in Chipping Norton having been recruited by the then Director Neil Percival. Obviously there have been huge changes in the business over that time but I think the one thing which stands out for me is the great people I have come into contact with from our member companies over all those years, many of whom reply to the surveys which still form the main part of my role here at the BFPA (you know who you are!). So, I’d like to thank everyone who I have worked with over the last 25 years, both at member companies and the BFPA, for their support. Despite the inevitable challenges, I have many happy memories and had plenty of laughs along the way”.

Well, it is to her credit that Sarah has thanked all of us, but I am sure that all members would like to join me in congratulating Sarah and thanking her for her commitment and loyalty to the Association over such a long period. Even over my relatively meagre seven years as CEO I have come to appreciate the excellence and good humour that characterises everything to which Sarah turns her hand and on behalf of her colleagues at the BFPA, the Board and Council members and of-course, the all-important members, I would say a big “Thank you!” We all look forward to working with Sarah for years to come.

(Anyone wishing to contact Sarah personally may do so on her direct line (07423-616657))

Chris Buxton – CEO BFPA.