Skills & Training remain high on the BFPA and EAMA Agendas

27 Jan 2020

(Two invitations to BFPA members)

Whenever a group of BFPA members sit around a table to discuss the state of business there is always one common theme that presents everyone with a challenge – Skills and the acquisition and retention of suitable staff with the right work ethic!

This issue has been widely recognized by the Association and we have taken many steps to try and support members in addressing this issue. Some of these initiatives are invariably better undertaken in conjunction with other trade associations operating in the same space as the BFPA thereby facilitating a ‘louder’ voice in the corridors of power and amongst regulators.   This is one of the reasons that BFPA is such a strong supporter of the Engineering & Machinery Alliance – an alliance of eleven trade associations in the engineering machinery sector with common lobbying goals. Now widely recognized in Whitehall and having established itself as a credible and professional group of trade associations amongst regulators, the Alliance undertakes a variety of member driven initiatives, not all of a lobbying nature, but all designed to improve the business of our members.

Interested members wanting more details should visit

Recently two opportunities relating to the skills challenge have emerged from our EAMA membership. Both have been publicized by the BFPA CEO but this short missive will hopefully act as a prompt for those who have yet to make up their mind whether or not to become involved. Take up to-date has been good so time is of the essence.

1) A fully funded skills research project in conjunction with the Skills Council designed to address failings in the current Government apprenticeship scheme and to try and map what companies who haven’t been able to take advantage of the Levy scheme, are doing to address their skills shortages. Commissioned from a professional company (Pye Tait), members wishing to take part will simply be asked to take a short telephone interview. The timescale is now fairly short (delivery March 18th 2020), so interested members should contact me as soon as possible on 07787 400747.

2) March the 18th will also see a member’s reception at the House of Commons in Whitehall. Guest speakers will include the current President of the CBI, John Allan, who is known for his views on championing UK skills and education along with relevant political commentators. The event is being held in conjunction with the Talent Retention Scheme (TRS), an initiative to try and save and redeploy skills within British industry. There is still a small number of places available for this event which will also provide attendees with a rare opportunity to see inside one of Britain’s iconic buildings! If you have not done so already interested parties should contact Chris Buxton on 07787 400747 or at your earliest convenience!

Palace of Westminster

John Allan – President of the CBI