The COVID Recovery Plan

23 Feb 2021

The content of this article is taken from a bulletin to members from Chris Buxton.

Hot off the press, you will find the content of the link below will provide all of the information that you need on the recent announcement by the PM regarding the route out of lockdown.

It is the formal Spring 2021 COVID-19 Recovery Plan document. Although a little long, it is a good summary of all of the key issues including the various do’s and don’ts at each of the four recovery stages and also discusses the economic impact and support schemes. You will hopefully find it is really helpful if you are trying to summarise in your minds what has just been announced. The graphics to describe each of the four stages are particularly good. (See page 27 onwards.) It even covers the different vaccines that have been developed. It is a good reference booklet.

The ‘work from home if you can’ rule will be maintained at least until 12th of April but is subject to one of four special reviews; (as is the issue of international travel). The International Travel Task Force will report its conclusions on the 12th of April. I suspect that for those that wish to return to office working they will be able to do so from about the beginning of May; subject to the four test criteria – see the report. But best not to assume anything yet.

There may also be some variations between the devolved nations but at present the respective governments are trying to maintain harmonisation.

Click here for the COVID-19 RESPONSE − SPRING 2021 report