Get Involved

“Good thinkers always prime the pump of ideas. They always look for things to get the thinking process started, because what you put in always impacts what comes out”

John C. Maxwell – internationally recognised leadership expert

It is widely recognised that we often get out of the system what we put in. By becoming a member of the BFPA / BFPDA you immediately gain access to a whole host of benefits. However, by becoming more directly involved in the various activities of the Association those benefits gain added value and open a range of possibilities that most members may not have considered.

Become a Board Director

The BFPA Governance model (see Governance) provides for 23 Board directors. Appointments are made on a three year rolling cycle so there are annual opportunities for members to become directly involved in the strategy and future direction of their Association and indeed their industry. All Board directors and especially those holding the office of Chairman or President have found that their position on the Board has also given them and their company extra PR and exposure that might otherwise not have been realised.

Contact BFPA on 01608 647900 for more details.

Become a Committee member

The BFPA runs a number of committees including Technical committees, Market Research, Marketing, Education & Training and is always looking for new members. By becoming involved in these initiatives, members often find that they not only influence the quality of the membership services being made available to the industry but they also learn a great deal from the experience and networking with other colleagues of a similar background. These benefits and the data that they can glean, can then be put to good use when they return to their own businesses.

Become an active lobbyist for your employer and the wider industry

If a trade association does nothing else it should act as the voice of its industry in the corridors of Governmental power! The BFPA is very active in this respect both as a member of the Engineering & Machinery Alliance – read more here, and in its meeting with other influential stakeholders such as the CBI and BEIS. If you are committed to improving the lot of the British Fluid Power sector or have a particular regulatory issue upon which you wish to engage with the regulatory community, the BFPA will provide you with the required platform. You will be astonished at just how much of a difference you can make!

Contact BFPA on 01608 647900.

Become a technical consultant

The BFPA is not just a business community for Fluid Power and its related disciplines, it is also a source of customers with enormous potential for those offering something that the members need in their daily business lives. If you have a particularly pertinent skill or background you could well become a recognised consultant to the Association undertaking project and case work or perhaps you may wish to become an established trainer as part of the Education & Training programme. Such activities are to everyone’s benefit and can only help the Association to meet its obligations to the sector.

Become a Strategic Alliance Partner (SAP)

Every business owner knows that in addition to their core responsibilities they also have an obligation to address HR, employment, tax, insurance and a host of other issues that might be considered as essential but ‘non-core’ to the business of manufacturing or supplying products and services.

Such issues place an unwelcome burden upon senior management. BFPA has sought to ease this situation by identifying a suite of what we have called Strategic Alliance Partners or SAPs. These service providers understand the needs of the Fluid Power sector and having been ‘approved’ by the BFPA remove the burden of service provider selection and ensure a high quality, cost effective service for BFPA and BFPDA members.

There are also significant benefits to the service provider in that they enjoy access to a receptive market of potential new customers.

If you believe that you can provide one of these services please contact BFPA on 01608 647900 for an exploratory discussion.

A list of current SAP’s may be found here

If you have ideas or believe that you could offer services to the BFPA contact us on 01608 647900.

Start attending more events and build your business network

The BFPA events calendar is always busy. Whether it is for serious networking or simply to reduce your golf handicap, there is something for everyone! Whatever your tastes and even if the primary purpose of the event is social (such as the Annual Ball), there is always an underlying business benefit whether it be entertaining clients or seeking the opinions and experiences of others when faced with similar business challenges. The more you become involved – the more you will discover and the more you will take back to both your company and your personal life. If there is anything that you feel that the BFPA should be doing that isn’t currently available – talk to us! You may well be ‘on to something!’

Call BFPA for an informal chat on 01608 647900.