Why use an Approved Hose Supplier?

Using a BFPA certified hose supplier displaying the ‘Q’ Approved logo assures customers and end users that hoses supplied by that company have been assembled to an industry agreed standard. Quality matters to a Scheme member so their customers can trust in the safety and reliability of their products.

BFPA Approved Hose Suppliers and Manufacturers commit to the following:

  • Having all hose technicians trained to a BFPA industry standard
  • Using swage machines and verniers that have been regularly calibrated to BFPA standards
  • Having a professional understanding of hose technology i.e. which hose for which application
  • Will not adopt bad practices such as the mixing and matching of components or the re-ending of hoses and fittings
  • Will subject themselves to a detailed technical audit every two years by an industry expert

Customers not already using an accredited Hose Scheme supplier could, unintentionally, be participating in the supply of poor quality, unregulated products into the marketplace. This reason alone makes it important for customers and end users to ask their suppliers to join the Hose Accreditation Scheme so they can be part of the drive to raise the standards of professionalism within the hydraulic and pneumatic industries.