BFPA Statistics Service


For over 30 years the BFPA has been collecting statistical market data and has built a valuable resource which allows hydraulic, pneumatic and distributor member companies to benchmark their own performance against their specific industry competitors. This extensive range of fluid power surveys and information would, if available for purchase on the open market, in many cases probably cost more than the annual membership fee itself. Confidentiality is a prime consideration when collating this sensitive information, and the results of the surveys are only available to contributing members and never to outside organisations; the BFPA/BFPDA surveys are just one of many membership benefits.

In addition to the surveys, BFPA collates and monitors the official statistics for fluid power in the UK, carries out an annual UK fluid power industry forecast and liaises with other national trade associations regarding fluid power statistics and nomenclature. For more information about the BFPA Statistics Service please contact Sarah Gardner, Market / Statistics Manager of the BFPA on

Members only
We collect information from our members and produce a comprehensive range of separate surveys for hydraulics,pneumatics and fluid power distribution. It is all done on a completely confidential basis. The surveys are available to contributing members only and we do not publish them externally. This allows members to contribute freely. In return they get an accurate insight into their industry, and an unparalleled opportunity to find out how their business compares on a number of metrics.

Economic forecasts and updates
Accurate and reliable economic forecasts are a key aid to successful business planning.  We work with Oxford Economics, the world’s leading economic consultancy and forecaster, to produce an annual forecast for the UK fluid power industry. Published each autumn, it looks ahead to the next five years and includes studies of end-user sectors as well as up-to-date economic summaries for Europe and the rest of the world. Member who subscribe to this service also receive a monthly economic update.

Global information
As a member of CETOP, the European Trade Federation for national fluid power associations,BFPA participates in the exchange of top- level information with other CETOP members. In turn, CETOP exchanges data with other countries. We offer BFPA members access to this global information about fluid power through the members- only pages of our website.

Official statistics
BFPA works on behalf of the hydraulic and pneumatics industries to monitor,collate and keep a watching brief on all the official fluid power production and trade codes and output statistics produced by the Office for National Statistics(ONS) and HM Revenue & Customs(HMRC).

Members receive information about the latest available fluid power statistics and news through our monthly BFPA newsletter.