Maintaining high standards through training and education is one of the key remits of the British Fluid Power Association.

The BFPA has been producing courses in both hydraulics and pneumatics for over 20 years. The courses lead to formal qualifications in fluid power that are recognised by European body CETOP as industry standard.

About the courses

All our courses have been devised and developed by the industry’s foremost engineers and trainers, and are regularly reviewed to ensure they remain in line with developments and current practice.

They are relevant to a wide range of industries including construction,marine,agriculture, offshore and in many sectors choose to enrol their employees on BFPA courses to improve knowledge,skills and safety.


Using a progressive awards structure, BFPA courses can lead to qualifications in:

  • Industrial Hydraulics & Control
  • Mobile Hydraulics
  • Power Pneumatics & Control

We offer modulised programmes in all of these topics plus Integrated Fluid Power Control Systems. These allow students to cover the courses in their own time, at a speed to suit them and their workplace.


Working with European industry body CETOP, BFPA has helped to create a Europe-wide structure of qualifications and standards. This has ensured that our British qualifications are accepted and recognised by the industry in the UK and Europe. We assure quality via a network of BFPA-verified Approved Training Centres.