Training Requirements

Companies that join the BFPA Approved Hose Assemblies Scheme recognise the importance of training in the workplace and value the increased skills and understanding trained staff can bring to production output.

Keeping employees up to date with industry standards and safe working methods encourages a knowledgeable workforce who can apply the best working practices to help cement a company’s reputation across its customer base.

Training Requirements for Facilities

A requirement of the BFPA Approved Hose Assemblies scheme is that all employees working on hose assemblies hold current certificates for the BFPA Hose Assembly Skills training course either directly from the BFPA or from one of its approved training partners.

The BFPA also advises that other employees working in or around the workshop should receive safety foundation training on the dangers of working with hoses under pressure and the potentially life threatening effects of fluid injection injuries.

Training Requirements for Mobile Vehicles

By the end of 2022 the BFPA requires that all mobile technicians have completed a training course that meets or exceeds the BFPA Minimum Educational Recommendations (MER) in Hydraulics in addition to their hose assembly skills training certificate. This will ensure that mobile technicians working independently at customer’s facilities have a good basic knowledge of the systems surrounding and affecting the hydraulic hoses they have been asked to inspect or repair. This will increase their personal safety and encourage a more efficient and effective service to the customer.

Planning Your Training

Both new and existing members of the Approved Hose Assemblies Scheme have the opportunity to discuss their employees’ training needs during the company’s accreditation visit. The visiting inspector will happily advise on the development of a training plan for designated employees and help negotiate timeframes for such plans to be put in place.

Outside of visits, companies are encouraged to look at the training section on the BFPA website to read all about the various courses on offer and discover the list of approved training partners delivering this training on behalf of the BFPA. Alternatively, companies can speak directly to BFPA staff regarding the availability of onsite training at their own facilities or the opportunities offered through the monthly Open Course Training Programme.

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