D8 Quality Control Procedures and Certification Requirements for Facilities

The D8 document is the base on which the system of registering participating member companies for the Approved Hose Assemblies Scheme is built. It was produced following concerns from within the industry at the practice of manufacturing hose assemblies on an ad-hoc basis and the mismatching of components which could lead to safety hazards.

The D8 document follows the international recommendations within BS EN ISO Standards along with the GS4 safety requirements and PUWER regulations for all hose assembly practices to conform to.

On joining the Approved Hose Assemblies Scheme all members are required to implement the procedures laid out in the D8 document to ensure customers receive a quality and qualified hose assembly. These requirements are essential to assure customers that only fully credited, tested and approved hose assembly products are assembled in a manner recommended by the original hose and coupling supplier when sold.

To support these recommendations the document contains a mix of mandatory elements and those that should be viewed as guidelines to the promotion of good practice.

For example, some of the mandatory elements include the training of employees, no re-ending of hose assemblies, the calibration of test, inspection and production equipment, no mixing and matching of hose, fitting and ferrule combinations.