D12 Quality Control Requirements for Mobile Hose Assembly Vehicles

Following the introduction and growing popularity of mobile workshops (hose service vehicles) the BFPA became concerned that there appeared to be no acknowledged industry quality standard for hose assemblies produced by these mobile workshops or the equipment and training of the technician/driver.

The BFPA is committed to ensuring that the same high quality standards applied to hydraulic hose assemblies produced in a workshop approved under the BFPA Hose Assemblies Scheme should also be applied to a mobile hose assembly vehicle.

The D12 document sets out an acceptable minimum standard that is conducive to customer’s specifications and meets health and safety legislation.

Be aware that the D12 only covers the requirements for the manufacture of hose assembly from a mobile vehicle and does not cover the fitment of hose to an end user installation.

To support these recommendations the document contains a mix of mandatory elements and those that should be viewed as guidelines to the promotion of good practice.

For example, some of the mandatory elements include the training of employees, no re-ending of hose assemblies, the calibration of test, inspection and production equipment, no mixing and matching of hose, fitting and ferrule combinations.

For further information on the D12 document please contact us – enquiries@bfpa.co.uk