Strategic Alliance Partners

Reduce the burden of everyday business life and improve your business!

It’s not easy finding good suppliers to help you grow and develop your business, which is why we have created our Strategic Alliance Partners (SAPs) programme. The SAPs have been identified as trusted partners of the BFPA, able to offer our members a range of useful outsourced services, reliably and to a high standard.

So if you are looking for a new supplier please browse our partners below and see if we can point you in the right direction.

Why have we created the Strategic Alliance Partner programme?

As the trade association for the Fluid Power sector (and more and more, the wider Motion Control Sector), the BFPA is committed to developing a suite of membership services which help members to improve their ‘bottom-lines’. i.e. to help them to sell more products and services. This help can take several forms – some direct; some indirect. Maybe it is a direct source of information or maybe training. Most significantly, it could be the indirect provision of a facility which reduces the day to day burden of the above referenced none-core priorities in the business. In order to tackle the latter category BFPA has developed the Strategic Alliance Partner programme.

How does it work?

The model is a simple one. The Association Executive has spoken with the membership to establish a selection of non-core services that they claim would help them with their businesses. E.g. Insurance services, R&D Tax Credits, Lean Engineering advice etc. We have then identified providers of these services and taken steps to ensure that the service that they are offering is of a high standard and represents value for money. In return for their commitment to high standards of service provision we have committed to promote them exclusively to the BFPA, BFPDA and other UK MCA Members. In return, if they secure any business from working with the membership they commit to pay the Association a small referral fee which is then put back into the membership through the development or sponsorship of additional member services. It is therefore one of those rare occasions when all parties genuinely win! The membership have a reliable source of good value service provision without having to trawl the market and take what is often a gamble on the reliability of their supplier. The Service provider benefits from being promoted exclusively to the Association membership whilst the Association benefits from being able to offer a new membership service whilst generating a very small, but nevertheless helpful, additional referral fee which we use to improve further member services.

What’s on offer?

At the time of going to press with this directory, the suite of Strategic Alliance Partnerships is evolving. Each supplier has to be identified and reviewed and then an agreement established before adding them to the BFPA records and ultimately the website. Suppliers are also selected on the basis of their affinity for and experience of our members market. Consequently, the final list will almost certainly be different from that currently being explored. However, the following subject areas are either currently available or in the process of being established:

  • R&D Tax Claims – Are you eligible and how to claim them.
  • Legal Services – all aspects.
  • Lean Engineering Consultancy – for SME’s as well as larger member companies.
  • Digital parts catalogues enabling members to offer interactive 3D CAD model downloads of their products.
  • Experts in insurance, risk management, and employee benefits.

Interested in becoming a Strategic Alliance Partner?

If you’re interested to learn more please contact BFPA on 01608 647900