BFPA Surveys & Forecasts

BFPA Surveys

For over 30 years the BFPA has been collecting statistical market data from the hydraulic and pneumatic industries. To buy a service with a pedigree such as this in the private market would in most cases cost more than the annual membership fee, and this is just one of many benefits available to members. Confidentiality is the prime consideration when collating this sensitive information as such the results of most surveys is only available to contributing members, and never to outside organisations.

To download a copy of the BFPA Confidentiality Rules CLICK HERE

Fluid Power Forecasts

Each autumn, BFPA in conjunction with Oxford Economics, produces a five year forecast for the UK fluid power industry for members. The forecast includes end user sector reviews and up-to-date summaries of the EU and ROW economies. Members subscribing to this service also receive monthly economic updates throughout the next year.

Global Fluid Power Statistics

BFPA is a member of CETOP, the European Trade Federation for national fluid power associations, and participates in the exchange of top-level data with other CETOP members, and in turn, CETOP exchanges data with other countries through the International Statistics Committee (ISC). BFPA and BFPDA members therefore have access to global fluid power market information – the latest figures can be downloaded from the members only pages of the BFPA website.

Official Statistics for UK Fluid Power

BFPA monitors and collates the official codes and statistical output for the hydraulic and pneumatics industries, including UK production sales (ProdCom – Office for National Statistics) and the UK trade statistics (HM Revenue & Customs) – the latest figures can be downloaded from the members only pages of the BFPA website.


Members receive information about the latest available fluid power statistics and news through our monthly BFPA newsletter.

Annual Surveys

Our three major annual surveys are carried out in the first part of the year, analysing data for the previous year and providing detailed analysis of the equipment market for each of the fluid power industries and for distribution. We include data for the past five years,using charts and graphs so trends can be clearly seen.

Highlights include:

> market size estimates, including detailed product, end-use and sector analysis

>BFPA members market share

>official and European/ROW statistics

>forecasts for following year


Quarterly surveys

We carry out quarterly industry trend surveys, each one specific to hydraulics,pneumatics and fluid power distribution.
They mirror the CBI’s industrial trend surveys and cover areas such as:

>factors limiting and contributing to growth
>activity vs capacity
>trends in costs
>investment intentions
>labour rates

Participants are entitled to receive all three trend surveys for that quarter.

Monthly surveys

We carry out monthly surveys and construct sales and orders indices for hydraulic,pneumatic and distributor members, with some broken down by product and sector(eg industrial and mobile for hydraulics).
They provide participants with invaluable early indicators of performance and trends and are widely used for forecasting.

Participation entitles member to receive the results of all three monthly surveys.

Salary and benefits

Carried out annually mid-year, these surveys of member companies present an analysis of the salaries and benefits received by a representative selection of typical job functions in each of the fluid power industries, including key roles in sales, engineering, design and production.

Power units

This survey is carried out each year for the previous calendar year to track sales of power units and total sales value.