Participate now to help shape the future of Energy-related Products Policy in the UK

24 Feb 2021

ICF is a global consulting services company which is supporting the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) in delivering its responsibilities for Energy-related Products Policy and have done so since 2013. This has included providing technical and modelling expertise on the introduction and/or revision of existing Ecodesign and energy labelling regulations, as well as providing the technical expertise behind the Energy Technology List.

ICF is in the next phase of its Energy-related Product (ErP) Policy Study, which is a new opportunity for you to provide feed in your expertise. Please register to contribute and help inform the future of ErP Policy in the UK.

What is the study for?

Following the UK’s departure from the EU, new EU Ecodesign and Energy Labelling measures will not automatically apply in the Great Britain and the UK Government will take on responsibility for setting regulatory standards and designing policy to limit the environmental impacts of Energy-related Products (ErPs) in the UK. This study will help to inform UK priorities for ErPs by identifying products and policy levers with the most potential to achieve carbon emission savings and reduce resource depletion. We are now looking for expert feedback on Task 3 of the study, during which we screened and consolidated a long list of potential product groups and horizontal measures.

BFPA’s Involvement So Far

BFPA’s MCE 18/9 (BFPA/TC 9) Systems Committee has already had an input on behalf of the UK fluid power industry into this study; this next stage is inviting individual companies to get involved. For more information on BFPA’s input to date, please contact Yvonne Pearman at the BFPA

Why register?

ICF have reached out to BFPA members as possible key stakeholders and subject matter experts in this area. Registering now means that you will be kept fully informed on the progress of the study and will be able to contribute to the research on the specific products, policy and horizontal measures where you have expertise.

To register click here.