BFPA Statistics Update

01 Mar 2017


BFPA Annual Market Surveys
All three annual surveys for 2016 are currently underway, covering the hydraulics, pneumatics and fluid power distribution in the UK and replies have started to come in. The ideal deadline for returns is early March, so please do send your completed questionnaire back as soon as possible. As usual, the strict BFPA confidentiality rules will be enforced, and the reports will only be sent to the companies responding to the surveys.

BFPA Quarterly Surveys
The BFPA quarterly trend surveys have now moved on line to web base questionnaires (first introduced in 2017) and this has proved a great success and so will continue in 2017, with surveys being sent out immediately following the end of each quarter (e.g. early April for the next Q1/17 survey). The results of the Q4/16 surveys were sent out to respondents of the surveys earlier in the year, with the general outlook looking better for the first quarter, with the hope for improvement in offshore markets. For many companies, the depreciation of sterling continued to impact on profits, with no let-up in the short term expected.

Members replying to the quarterly trend surveys receive copies of the results of all three trend surveys for hydraulics, pneumatics and distribution.

BFPA Monthly Surveys
The three monthly surveys run by the BFPA cover hydraulic, pneumatics and distribution are indices, based on the year 2010. A fixed group of companies report into these surveys, which provide interesting and useful industry trends to the respondents, and can be used for benchmarking. Any member can join these surveys but a monthly commitment to report figures is required (and some historical data) – please let me know if you are interested in joining for 2017.

Cetop Results
Just a reminder that BFPA reports into the CETOP surveys and the results of these surveys are available to all our members via the Members Only pages of the website. Recent uploads to this area include the 2015 CETOP and ISC figures and the monthly survey results for November 2016 and the Q3/16 results. For your LogIn details, please contact us at the BFPA.

Tariff and Trade Codes Guide February 2017 Revision
Each year BFPA produces a list of recommended fluid power related tariff codes (BFPA subscribes to the tariff updates). The January edition was sent out to all BFPA main contacts in the New Year but had to be reissued for February due to amendments since the January edition affecting filters and heat exchange unit codes. For a copy of the latest guide, please contact

For any queries relating to any of the BFPA statistics work, please contact Sarah Gardner at the BFPA on: