HMRC and BEIS provide new advice on how companies can comply with UK accounting and reporting requirements after the UK leaves the EU

19 Jun 2019

BFPA CEO Chris Buxton reports on one of the latest government announcements to help British businesses function efficiently in the event of a No-deal Brexit.

As the Conservative party is in the throes of a somewhat theatrical leadership election, Corbyn continues with his mantra for a general election and the rest of the political parties struggle to even define what they stand for, civil servants in the Business, Environment and Industrial Strategy Department (BEIS), continue in their efforts to help provide advice and a virtual safety net for British businesses once the elusive EU departure date has finally passed!

If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, there will be some changes to the UK’s corporate reporting regime. These changes will affect a small number of companies. The rules will primarily impact upon UK Incorporated companies and EEA companies and Groups. The latest advice comes in the form of a web guide relating to this topic and can be found on:-

Members are encouraged to review this data and related government advice on how best to operate in a post-Brexit economy.