BFPA Guide to Fluid Power Related Trade and PRODCOM Codes for use in 2021

27 Jan 2021

2021 INTRASTAT and EXTRASTAT Fluid Power Related Trade Codes
2021 PRODCOM Fluid power Codes

Please click on the link below for a copy of BFPA’s recommended trade codes for fluid power and related products for 2021 (this is just a selection from the full TARIC which contains some 16,000 detailed product codes). There have been only a few new codes added for aluminium tubes since last year which have been highlighted, but no changes to the fluid power product codes and most other codes remain the same.

BFPA Guide to Fluid Power Related Tariff and Trade and PRODCOM Codes for 2021

When importing from within the EU, the 8-digit code is all that is required, however when importing from outside the EU, a 10 digit code is mandatory. If your product is used on civil aircraft a different set of tariff codes should be used, but from 1.1.2006 the distinction is only required at a 10-digit level, for imports from outside the EU. The EU thresholds for reporting imports and exports using the Supplementary Declaration form have not changed since last year and will remain as follows:

  • The exemption threshold for arrivals remains at £1,500,000 per annum for 2021.
  • The exemption threshold for dispatches remains at £250,000 per annum for 2021.

The website: UK Trade Info is a useful one for traders, with lots of information about importing and exporting from the UK. Within this website you can search the Online Trade Tariff, which allows you to look up commodity codes, duty and VAT rates by using product codes or text.

Another useful EU website for searching the “Integrated Tariff of the European Community” Nomenclature, also known as the TARIC is as follows:

However, if after visiting these sites (and seeking help from other sources such as a Trade Association or a Chamber of Commerce) you are unable to self-assess your products, you can request additional support by sending a request by email to

2021 PRODCOM Codes

For the 2020 PRODCOM survey (to be carried out in 2021) the relevant product codes are based on the PRODCOM List 2020, which changed in 2008 in line with the Standard Industrial Classification 2007 for industry in the EU. ONS have confirmed that there have been no changes to the fluid power code PRODCOM list for 2020 compared to 2019, which is included in the attached document on page 7. The ONS has commented: “There have been no changes between 2019 and 2020. That being said, with the UK leaving the EU, we are no longer tied to the Eurostat product list. While there have been now changes now, there may be some deviations in the future.” BFPA will aim to keep up to date with any future changes to the list and inform members.

Further information on PRODCOM can be found on the UK ONS website:

and the Europa website, where a full version of the latest published lists can also be found:


The Government has now taken control of all matters related to trade and all the information you need now should be available on the GOV.UK website.

Customs declarations will be required for both import and export with the EU from January 2021 but in order to avoid any delays in the collection of data, there will still be some additional requirements for INTRASTAT returns to be completed during 2021 for goods (see INTRASTAT REQUIREMENTS FOR 2021 below).



From 1st January 2021, even though the UK has now left the EU, there will still be some INTRASTAT declaration requirements for the full year of 2021, and for a minimum of 4 years for NI (the duration of the NI Protocol). If you are currently a registered INTRASTAT business or in the coming year you exceed the exemption threshold (see above), then you must submit INTRASTAT declarations in 2021 for the following movement of goods:

Goods imported into Great Britain (GB) from the European Union (EU)

Goods imported into Northern Ireland (NI) from the EU

Goods exported from NI to the EU

You do not have to submit Intrastat declarations for goods exported from GB to the EU. To find more background and details on this, on the UK Trade Info website click here

Importing and Exporting to Non-EU Countries

Administration procedures have not changed but you can find information on importing and exporting to countries outside the EU on the link below:

Please do not hesitate to contact Sarah Gardner if you have any further questions on product classification or official statistics, and we will try and help.