BFPDA Approved Hose Assemblies Scheme Conference a Success

12 Dec 2019

Over 50 people attended the BFPDA Approved Hose Assemblies Scheme Conference on 28 November 2019 which proved to be a very successful and informative event with great feedback.

Chris Buxton (BFPA CEO) and Nigel Thomason (BFPDA Council Chairman) opened the event, which had emerged as the first step towards a wider review of the existing scheme, and a timeline for major improvements which would benefit scheme members, the industry as whole and ultimately raise standards of quality and health and safety in the fluid power industry.

Martin Kingsbury (BFPA Membership and Training Director) gave an overview of the existing BFPDA Approved Hose Assemblies Scheme which centres around the “D8: Quality Control Procedures and Certification Requirements for BFPDA Distributors” reference document against which fixed facilities are measure in a biennial audit.

Martin highlighted the key changes introduced by the BFPDA Council and associated Working Group which would be incorporated into a revised D8 and introduced over the next year:

  • In-house calibration of swaging machines (as long as strict conditions are met)
  • Unlimited liability provision has been removed
  • All of a company’s fixed locations / facilities must be included in the audited scheme
  • The scheme now includes some elements which are MANDATORY
  • Evidence of suitable and regular training of technicians will be a requirement of the scheme

He also referenced the next stage of the scheme development which would be to incorporate a similar audited requirement for mobile vehicles / workshops and eventually on-line hose assembly schemes too. A new document (along similar lines to the D8) is currently being written and will be called: “D12: Quality Control Requirements for Mobile Workshop”. Watch this space for updates on this in 2020…

Presentations followed from Jim Martin of Hydraskills, John Savage (BFPA Education & Training Committee Chairman), Steve Worth (JLR), Paul Grady (HSE) and Andy Dickens (Interpump Fluid Solutions), all of which expanded on the theme of the importance of an educated, well trained and competent workforce.

There was an enthusiastic response from members in the room to all the presentations on the day. Everyone agreed that trained and competent staff hold the key to success of the scheme and should be a priority in order to ensure the highest quality of product and safest working practices in the industry.

If you would like more information about the day or anything mentioned in this article please contact Chris Buxton or Martin Kingsbury