Statistics update

28 Jan 2020

BFPA Guidance for Recommended Fluid Power Related Trade and PRODCOM Codes for 2020

The BFPA Recommended Fluid Power related UK Tariff and Trade and PRODCOM Code Guidance document for 2020 been sent out to all BFPA and BFPDA members (main contacts only). This document lists the BFPA recommended trade codes for fluid power and related products for 2020 (i.e. a selection from the full TARIC which contains over 16,000 detailed product codes), and the 14 fluid power specific PRODCOM codes in class 2812 Manufacture of Fluid Power Equipment (i.e. a selection from the full list which contains around 4000 codes).

As far as BFPA is aware, there were only a few minor changes to the BFPA recommended trade code list and the exemption thresholds for arrivals and dispatches remain unchanged again for 2020. There have been no changes to the PRODCOM fluid power code list for 2019.

The product trade codes and PRODCOM codes should not change after Brexit, and the current Intrastat and Extrastat procedures remain in place in 2020. However, during the course of 2020 we will no doubt find out what any changes to the current administrative trade arrangements will come into play in 2021 and beyond, and BFPA will try and keep you informed.

2019 BFPA Annual Surveys

All BFPA and BFPDA members have now been invited to reply to the 2019 annual surveys, which as always will be conducted under BFPA’s very strict confidentiality rules. These surveys are unique in the industry and only available to members who reply – please do take the time to reply and receive the report free of charge in return, and make the most of your membership too!

New joiners to BFPA monthly surveys

As always there is an open invitation at the start of each year to any member who would like to join our monthly surveys (we have three surveys for: hydraulic, pneumatic and distributors). These useful monthly surveys are in the form of indices and track the latest market conditions in the industry (see the chart below for an illustrative guide):

If you would like join one of our monthly surveys or need a copy of the 2020 trade code and PRODCOM code guidance document or if you have any other questions about the BFPA surveys, please contact Sarah Gardner at the BFPA on