BFPA Level 1 Pneumatics Vocational Course (PV1)

This BFPA training course is designed to increase and improve the knowledge of maintenance staff at all levels. This further level of knowledge and understanding will enable staff to better maintain and manage the control of Electro-Pneumatic Systems and carry out their duties following safer working procedures and improved communication skills.

Who should be considering these vocational courses?

All companies or individuals who work at a practical level with hydraulics, pneumatics and electronic control systems when applied to fluid power should be thinking about how these recommendations apply to them. Does your workforce have this basic understanding of the systems they operate, do you as an individual have the qualifications to prove this.

The BFPA Level 1 vocational course in Pneumatics aims to develop an understanding of how fluid power pneumatics and electro pneumatics are used in modern society and its importance in the provision of power and motion control. It is acknowledged that in today’s world it is rare for pneumatics to be applied as a single technology and invariably electrical /electronic controls are included as well. We therefore recommend that a basic introduction to electronics is considered alongside this Level 1 pneumatics programme.

Examples of topics covered:

  • Basic fundamental principles for pneumatic systems
  • Pneumatic symbols, compressors, airline components, actuators, tube and pipework
  • Pressure, flow and direction control
  • Electrical principles, techniques and symbol
  • Maintenance procedures