BFPA Training Goes Online

23 Apr 2020

Due to the current restrictions on working conditions the BFPA has taken a look at our existing training courses and designed three short online courses that can be delivered to everyone with access to a media device, be it a laptop, Iphone / Android mobile telephone etc.

Each three hour course is delivered by one of our experienced trainers and has been broken down into 45 minute slots with opportunities to ask questions or go and make a cup of tea/coffee.

The Working Safely with Hose and Connectors online course is intended as an introduction to the fundamental concepts of safe working practices and raising delegates’ awareness of the dangers of fluid/pressure injection injuries.

The Thread Awareness online course aims to help delegates correctly identify a range of fittings and adaptors combined with understanding the correct safe working practices that prevent product damage.

The BFPA Hose Assembly Skills Training theoretical online course aims to bring delegates up to a sound level of understanding on the following topics: contamination, tightening of connectors, hose assembly routing and installation, hose management.

Our online training courses are delivered on a regular basis and are open to both individuals and groups. We will be happy to arrange dedicated training days outside of our normal schedule for those employers who may wish to have all their staff trained together.

Candidates completing the two online courses: Thread Awareness online course and the BFPA Hose Assembly Skills Training theoretical online course can go on to attend a practical one day course (once physical training courses resume) to complete the requirements for the full BFPA Hose Assembly Skills Training qualification.

If you would like more information on dates, costs and availability please contact either Martin 07787 184600 or Karen 07423 747670, email: or visit