Omni-Press Limited joins BFPA as a manufacturer member

12 Mar 2024

We are delighted to welcome Omni-Press Limited as a BFPA manufacturing member.

Omni-Press, an independent British manufacturer of hydraulic hose assembly equipment, is based in Wimborne, Dorset. The company aims to offer a fresh and positive customer experience, providing quality equipment at competitive prices on a quick turnaround.

Omni-Press produces a wide range of crimping machines in hand, air hydraulic, 12v mobile and 1phz and 3phz options as well as manufacturing cutting equipment to suit. With an experienced engineering led approach, the firm is continually expanding its range to suit customers’ needs.

Omni-Press can design dies to suit any application with the flexibility and knowledge to work with specific customer requirements. The company works closely with its suppliers and customers to make sure its crimping solutions are tailored to fit each customers’ needs so that whether you purchase an Omni-Press swaging machine directly, or from one of the company’s distributors, you know it’s designed to do the job correctly.

T:            03301 358501