Flowtechnology UK £500,000 distribution centre investment

27 Jul 2017

In a further demonstration of their commitment to efficient and effective distribution, BFPDA member FTUK have invested £500,000 in three additional Kardex Lift Systems and increased pallet locations at their Distribution Centre in Skelmersdale.

These heavy-duty machines will be used to stock and pick fast moving heavy duty products such as malleable iron fittings. They offer 9000 pick locations, and with each shelf able to hold 500kg, that’s an additional 133 tonnes of product storage.  Their introduction brings the total number of Kardex lift systems at FTUK to sixteen and has also freed up space within the distribution centre, creating another 2000 pallet locations which will be used to stock more products.

However, they aren’t only using these lift systems as they were originally designed, FTUK have also adapted the Kardex operating software, including the tray delivery process, so that it communicates with and is managed by their own warehouse management system. This means that the lifts automatically deliver the relevant pick locations for each operative’s picking tours, minimising waiting times and greatly increasing pick rates and efficiency.

All of this means that FTUK have been able to increase their already substantial stock holding by around another 35%, giving customers access to even more readily available stock which can be delivered next day when ordered by 10pm (3pm for Northern and Republic of Ireland) or even collected or delivered 24/7 through their new Out of Hours service.

Marc Borland, Logistic Director comments “We are committed to providing our customers with the widest range of stock and the best service in the industry. Around 75% of our stock is now housed in Kardex lifts and as operator pick rates are more than twice as fast, this investment means that we can supply more customers with more products more efficiently than ever before”

In fact, FTUK’s Kardex lift system works so well that the Distribution Centre is a Kardex ‘Show Site’ and is used by Kardex to demonstrate the lifts to their potential customers.

Tom Findlay, Sales Director (UK & Ireland) of Kardex Remstar, said: “FTUK has been a valued customer of Kardex for well over a decade. Since the beginning of our relationship in 2005, we have seen how our dynamic storage solutions have played a key role in helping to drive their business forward. With their future-thinking approach to business efficiency, FTUK quickly recognised the benefits of implementing warehouse automation and software as a route to achieving class-leading productivity and accuracy. FTUK’s story is often referenced as an example of best practice for Kardex prospective (or newer) customers. Their ability to efficiently control and distribute thousands of product lines at high speeds, with accuracy levels in excess of 99%, is a clear indication of the benefits of what we do as a solution provider. More importantly, for FTUK, the partnership with Kardex has proven to be a fundamental part of their continued successful development as a business.”

For more information about the company please visit the website: http://www.flowtechnologyuk.com/