Hydroscand supports Charcot Therapy Centre

07 Mar 2022

Case Study: Rachael Mason, CEO of the Charcot Therapy Centre – “Why spoil the relationship, Hydroscand Gloucester know how it works.”

BFPA member Hydroscand spoke to Rachael Mason, CEO of the Charcot Therapy Centre in Gloucester, about how her relationship with Hydroscand has flourished.

 The Charcot Therapy Centre has over 35 years of experience helping and working with people in the Gloucestershire area, living with long term health conditions, specialising in Multiple Sclerosis and other neurological disorders. They provide members with access to a variety of therapies including hyperbaric oxygen therapy, massage, and acupuncture to name a few. Hydroscand is proud to have been a supplier to the Centre for over seven years.

How long has Hydroscand been working with the Charcot Therapy Centre?

 “The centre opened in 1985 in the same industrial estate as Hydroscand. We always needed pipes and went along to the branch. Since then, we have been using Hydroscand, even though we moved away to another premises in 2017. I have been with the centre for over seven years, and we were already working with Hydroscand.”

Why use Hydroscand?

 “As a centre we have a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, which is used by our members who have varying different conditions. We have seats outside of the Oxygen Chamber, and oxygen is delivered through masks from specialised hoses / pipework to members. Hydroscand understand how our Chamber works with all the hoses, even though it is outside of what they do.”

What jobs have Hydroscand done for the Charcot Therapy Centre?

Rachael said: “They recently installed pipes outside of the Chamber. Prior to this, they have replaced pipes. I have left it with them, and they worked their magic.”

Nick Thomas, Branch Manager at our Gloucester branch said: “We ordered in the correct air breathing hose and made up three hose assemblies complete with stainless steel hose inserts. I went to the centre to fit them and tested them to make sure they were working ok.”

What makes you come back to Hydroscand?

 “Nick is awesome. We need the product, but building a relationship is more important than the product. We have a unique piece of equipment. There are 64 MS Therapy centres across the country who deliver this therapy. We have Hydroscand up the road who understand the pipes, they get it. There is a lovely team in Gloucester, they are brilliant.”

What is the future for the Charcot Therapy Centre and Hydroscand?

 “I won’t go anywhere else. Why spoil the relationship, they know how it works. People who stay with you, will keep spending with you.”

Nick added: “It’s great that Hydroscand were able help a very good cause. Moving forward, I hope we can support them with any other hose they may require or if we can help them in any other way.”