JML Henderson Ltd joins BFPA as a distributor member

10 Oct 2022

We are delighted to welcome JML Henderson Limited to the BFPA as a distributor member.

As the UKs leading supplier within the Bulk Power Tanker industry JML Henderson Limited has an extensive product range that has enabled it to expand its knowledge and expertise into many more industrial markets such as Wet Waste, Water, Food, Liquid Food, Chemical, Agricultural and Cement.

This means the company now has one of the most comprehensive hose, valve, couplings and parts suppliers in the nation due to its extensive stock range from all the leading manufacturers.

The main office for JML Henderson is based in Holbeach PE12 which serves as its headquarters. The majority of orders are dispatched from this location which acts as its hose assembly centre. A further depot in Clitheroe/Charburn acts as our dispatch hub for customers in the north of the UK.

The company’s hose assembly centre adopts the following methods: DIN2817 safety clamps, Mikalor hose clamps, JCS clamps, Band-it bands and external crimping /swaging.

JML Henderson Limited aims to be much more than just a supplier; the company believes in supporting its customers with a team of experts within the field and will only supply parts fit for your application requirements.

T: 01406 362978