Updated Technical Guideline on Seals for Fluid Power Applications

26 Apr 2023

BFPA’s latest technical guideline P112 Guidelines on seals for fluid power applications including care and handling has now been revised and published.

This guideline was prepared by BFPA’s expert Technical Committee MCE11 Fluid Seals and their Housings led by Chairman Dr Nick Peppiatt.

The guide, which was revised in late 2022, includes care and handling of seals, and aims to provide greater understanding of seals behaviour for fluid power applications. It replaces the 2015 version.

BFPA members can access the free guide, by logging in to the BFPA Members Only area of the BFPA website and selecting the Seals category and then the BFPA/P112. You will then be offered the option to download.

 BFPA Technical Standards and Publications

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