MCE 18/-/6 Contamination Control

MCE 18/-/6 is the UK National Committee responsible for Contamination Control standards within the Fluid Power Category. Members of this committee also provide the UK view to the following international committees ISO/TC 131/SC 6 (Including Working Groups 1 & 2).

Phil KeepMP Filtri UK LimitedCommittee Chairman
Nicky QuinnBFPACommittee Secretary
Philippa YounasBSIBSI Liaison
RepresentativeJCB ResearchCommittee Member
RepresentativeHose Assembly TechnologyCommittee Member
RepresentativePamas GmbHCommittee Member
RepresentativeStanhope-SetaCommittee Member
RepresentativeBachy Soletanche LimitedCommittee Member
RepresentativeBSICommittee Member
RepresentativeMP Filtri UK LimitedCommittee Member

Committee description, responsibilities, terms of reference and scope

CommitteeCategory 1Category 2NumberTitle
MCE 18/-/6Particulate ContaminationBS 5540-3:1978Evaluating particulate contamination of hydraulic fluids Part 3: Methods of bottling fluid samples
MCE 18/-/6Particulate ContaminationBS 5540-6:1990Evaluating particulate contamination of hydraulic fluids Part 6: Method of calibrating
liquid automatic particle-count instruments (using mono-sized latex spheres)
MCE 18/-/6Filter ElementsBS ISO 2942:2018Hydraulic fluid power. Filter elements. Verification of fabrication integrity and determination of the first bubble point
MCE 18/-/6Particulate ContaminationBS 8465:2010HFP – Monitoring the level of particulate contamination – Comparison membrane technique
MCE 18/-/6BS EN ISO 14644-1:2015Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments - Classification of air cleanliness by particle concentration
MCE 18/-/6Filter ElementsBS ISO 2941:2009HFP – Filter elements – Verification of collapse/burst pressure rating
MCE 18/-/6Filter ElementsBS ISO 2943:1998HFP – Filter elements – Verification of material compatibility with fluids
MCE 18/-/6Filter ElementsBS ISO 3723:2015HFP – Filter elements – Method for end load test
MCE 18/-/6Filter ElementsBS ISO 3724:2007HFP – Filter elements – Determination of resistance to flow fatigue using
particulate contaminant
MCE 18/-/6BS ISO 3968:2017HFP – Filters – Evaluation of differential pressure versus flow characteristics
MCE 18/-/6BS ISO 4406:2021Hydraulic fluid power. Fluids. Method for coding the level of contamination by solid particles
MCE 18/-/6Particulate ContaminationBS ISO 4407:2002HFP – Fluid Contamination – Determination of particulate contamination by the
counting method using an optical microscope
MCE 18/-/6BS ISO 9276-1:1998+Cor1:2006Representation of results of particle size analysis Part 1: Graphical representation
MCE 18/-/6BS ISO 9276-2:2014Representation of results of particle size analysis - Calculation of average particle sizes/diameters and moments from particle size distributions
MCE 18/-/6BS ISO 9276-4:2001+A1:2017Representation of results of particle size analysis - Characterization of a classification process
MCE 18/-/6PD ISO/TR 10686:2013HFP – Method to relate the cleanliness of a hydraulic system to the cleanliness of the components and hydraulic fluid that make up the system
MCE 18/-/6Filter ElementsBS ISO 11170:2013HFP – Filter elements – Sequence of tests for verifying performance characteristics
MCE 18/-/6BS ISO 11171:2022Hydraulic fluid power. Calibration of automatic particle counters for liquids
MCE 18/-/6Particulate ContaminationBS ISO 11500:2022Hydraulic fluid power. Determination of the particulate contamination level of a liquid sample by automatic particle counting using the light-extinction principle
MCE 18/-/6BS ISO 11943:2021Hydraulic fluid power. Online automatic particle-counting systems for liquids. Methods of calibration and validation
MCE 18/-/6Particulate ContaminationBS ISO 12584:2013Aerospace – Hydraulic fluid components – Expression of particulate contamination levels
MCE 18/-/6BS ISO 12669:2017HFP – guidelines for determining the required cleanliness level (RCL) of a system
MCE 18/-/6BS ISO 12829:2016Hydraulic spin-on filters with finite lives – Method for verifying the rated fatigue life
and the rated static burst pressure of the pressure-containing envelope
MCE 18/-/6BS ISO 13317-1:2001Determination of particle size distribution by gravitational liquid sedimentation
methods Part 1: General principles and guidelines
MCE 18/-/6BS ISO 13317-2:2001Determination of particle size distribution by gravitational liquid sedimentation methods Part 2: Fixed pipette method
MCE 18/-/6BS ISO 13317-3:2001Determination of particle size distribution by gravitational liquid sedimentation
methods Part 3: X-ray gravitational technique
MCE 18/-/6PD ISO/TR 15640:2011HFP – Contamination Control – General principles and guidelines for selection and application of hydraulic filters
MCE 18/-/6PD ISO/TR 16386:2014Impact of changes in ISO fluid power particle counting – Contamination control and filter test standards
MCE 18/-/6BS ISO 16431:2012HFP – System clean-up procedures and verification of cleanliness of assembled
MCE 18/-/6BS ISO 16860:2005HFP – Filters – Test method for differential pressure devices
MCE 18/-/6 BS ISO 16889:2022Hydraulic fluid power — Filters — Multi-pass method for evaluating filtration performance of a filter element
MCE 18/-/6BS ISO 16908:2014Hydraulic filter element test methods – Thermal conditioning and cold start-up simulation
MCE 18/-/6BS ISO 18237:2017Hydraulic fluid dehydrators – Method for evaluating water separation performance
of mass transfer dehydrators
MCE 18/-/6BS ISO 18413:2015HFP – Cleanliness of components – Inspection document and principles related to
contaminant extraction, analysis and data reporting
MCE 18/-/6Particulate ContaminationBS ISO 21018-1:2008HFP – Monitoring the level of particulate contamination of the fluid Part 1: General principles
MCE 18/-/6Particulate ContaminationBS ISO 21018-3:2008HFP – Monitoring the level of particulate contamination of the fluid
Part 3: Use of the filter blockage technique
MCE 18/-/6PD ISO/TR 22681:2019HFP – Impact and use of ISO 11171:2016 µm(b) and µm(c) particle size designations on particle count and filter test data
MCE 18/-/6Filter ElementsBS ISO 23181:2007HFP – Filter elements – Determination of resistance to flow fatigue using high viscosity fluid
MCE 18/-/6BS ISO 23309:2020HFP – Assembled systems – Methods of cleaning lines by flushing
MCE 18/-/6BS ISO 27407:2010HFP – Marking of performance characteristics on hydraulic filters
MCE 18/-/6ISO 3722:1976HFP - Fluid sample containers - Qualifying and controlling cleaning methods
MCE 18/-/6Particulate ContaminationISO 4021:1992HFP - Particulate contamination analysis - Extraction of fluid samples from lines of an operating system
MCE 18/-/6Particulate ContaminationBS ISO 4405:2022Hydraulic fluid power. Fluid contamination. Determination of particulate contamination by the gravimetric method
MCE 18/-/6PD ISO/TR 10949:2002HFP - Component cleanliness - Guidelines for achieving and controlling cleanliness of components from manufacture to installation